I am a Consultant

I am the proud owner of a boutique business consultancy firm in South Africa, that is specializes in small businesses. Izigqi Consulting is a professional advisory services firm that offers fundamental services in the advancement of businesses that are still in their early to middle stages of business development.

Our professional services are designed to help you focus on running your business and forget about time-consuming tasks like bookkeeping, accounting, payroll and taxes. This is our contribution to help you increase the productivity of your business

We love to help small businesses thrive and succeed in everything we can help them achieve.

Our main profile


We help businesses, in the recording of financial transactions. Transactions include purchases, sales, receipts and payments by an individual or organization.

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To help Start Up businesses, we provide advice and do administrative services whilst you focus on the "more" important things.

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Business Consulting

We help develop Business Plans, Marketing Plans, HR Plans and Finance Plans for businessess, amongst other things.

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Human Resources

We help businesses in all matters of HR, from recruiting to lawsuits, payroll services etc.

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We help develop strategies to have an efficient marketing plan, from social media to website development.

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Information Technology

We help companies backup their systems and provide hosting of websites and emails.

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