What is Forex Managed Account (PAMM)

PAMM stands for Percentage Allocation Management Module. It is a technical solution that allows creating an unlimited number of Investors’ accounts under one “master” account or Manager account. The funds from all Investors on the master account are traded as one unit, which gives more room for money management and better position management options.

The PAMM service keeps each Investor’s account records individually and the gains and losses are automatically distributed by the Company between the Manager and the Investors on a percentage basis (e.g. 50/50%) so that each party receives its percentage rate of return.

The rating of Managed accounts enables Investor to choose the most suitable Managed account in respect of conditions.
Advantages of using a Forex Managed Account Service

An investor or trader stands to enjoy the following advantages, if they choose to make use of a forex managed account service provider.

#1: Profitability

The software system that is currently being used in the forex industry is highly sophisticated and has undergone many developments over the years to cater to the needs of investors. Making use of the software allows an investor to study the previous results of a forex managed account services provider. These can be studied before deciding to choose a service provider that will contribute to increase the investor’s profits. Many broker firms allow PAMM (percent allocation management modules) accounts to be created through the software so that investors can attach money to specific and qualified traders who would conduct their trades profitably.

#2: Learning Curve Bypass

With a steep learning curve, it may take a forex trader many years of practice and training to trade profitably. This is because there is no formal training in these fields as in the case of other courses that are offered in colleges and universities. In such a case, it makes more sense to rely on the expertise and experience of the best forex managed account service providers. For a beginner forex trader that has lack of experience, picking a managed account service helps to bypass the learning curve and generate profits quickly. This in turn enables the trader to achieve his/her financial goals faster.

#3: Experience

Trading experience in the forex markets is the single most important quality that would negate the big risks that are associated with currency trading. Most expert forex brokers acquire this only through long-term involvement in the currency markets. By picking the best forex managed account service provider, the investor can rest assured that such risks will be taken care of.

#4: Emotional Involvement

It is a known fact that the personality of one trader is different from that of another. Therefore, their emotional involvement in the market will also be different. Harboring wrong emotions during trading time can cost the investor huge sums of money. Using a forex managed account service can help the trader to greatly overcome this problem.

#5: Lack of Time

Insufficient time available in the hands of beginner traders, especially if they are employed and are doing currency trading on a part time basis, discourages them a great deal. As a result, they refrain from committing more time to forex trading and learn from the experience they gain. However, entrusting the trading to a forex managed account service provider helps them to overcome this problem without sacrificing the profitability.

Disadvantages of using a Forex Managed Account Service
In spite of the many powerful advantages that a forex managed account service provider may extend to an investor, there also exist some dangers that a new investor should be aware of while opting to choose the best forex managed account service.
#1: Lack of Continuity

Though hiring a service provider of this kind is beneficial for the trader, there would be no continuity if the service provider broker happens to die or fall sick. The profits and trading would cease since the broker with whom the trader has built a rapport will no longer be there. The continuity of service in such cases can never be completely guaranteed.

#2: Non-Predictability

The non-predictability of results is always present. Previously successful results never guarantee future results of the same type. A profit-making accounts manager can always hit a rough patch and go on a losing spree. This will cost the traders dearly. Even if there happens to be a winning streak after this, the trader would still not make the profit that they would have otherwise made.

#3: Dependency

By deciding to entrust trading to forex managed account service providers, the traders lose the chance to learn to trade in the currency markets. Such a skill acquired by the traders is one that can last a lifetime. Without the skill, the traders are subject to the will, whims, fancies and capabilities of the service provider and are thus dependent on them.


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Returns and fees between managed accounts can vary greatly; therefore, it is important to research your options thoroughly before assigning your account to a professional manager.

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