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What is Matha

Matha is the personal blog and the nickname of Thami Mdletshe, a professional forex trader and binary options trader and investor, entrepreneur, internet marketer and motivational speaker.

The blog is used to share the strategies I used in forex trading, binary options trading and investing, internet marketing and business.

It includes the coaching I received from some of the best coaches in forex and binary options trading (imo) and the skills I used in picking traders to follow.

I recently learnt ways to use internet marketing for network marketing and I'm testing them out and this blog is just the first step, a lot of tweaking needs to be done, so the website will constantly be changing.

I'll use the blog to motivate those interested to go outside their comfort zones and hopefully make them achieve their dreams and not just admire those that have achieved.

I have chosen to review programs that I believe will take you around the same path I took to be a winner. Life is short you deserve to be a winner. Let's WIN!


I have been trading forex since 2008, I went to a seminar where they told me the potential riches one could achieve, I was hooked, I bought the training course for $2000 and funded my live account account also with $2000. The strategies were good, I was making 200 pips a month, but I was not satisfied I wanted more,so I joined another company for $49 per month and I was making an average of +- 700 pips and I've never looked back.

I also invest in forex managed accounts and I have been successful, so that some days I don't trade. I will continue in the investing part of forex. I am currently testing out copy trading, not too shabby.

"Your capital may be at risk. This material is not investment advice."

Binary Options

I have been trading binary options since 2015. I lost lots of money joining programs that purported to be winning trades galore. I decided to find a live trading room and it worked wonders winning an average of 84% was amazing.

I don’t want you to be scammed too, so I hope you FOCUS (Follow One Course Until Success) and you'll surely WIN

"Your capital may be at risk. This material is not investment advice."

Network and Affiliate Marketing

I am have been doing network marketing since 2012, but I only did the tradional methods until now in 2017, where I leverage the internet and the results are phenomenal and I started Affiliate Marketing also in 2017. I have a goal of making a 5 figure monthly income without paying for ads in the next by the end of 2017, so December 2017 is the month of victories.

I hope you can come on this journey with me, and find out what I'll be doing to reach such a tall order in such a short space of time. With your help, I'll succeed. From October 2017 I'll update you on my progress, by then I'll be inching closer to my goal.

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